7-Day Sculpt Yoga Challenge

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The most profound movement practices don’t just feel good in the moment — they make us feel better in every aspect of our daily lives.

That’s exactly what fitness visionary Barry Ennis does in this seven-day course, which integrates light weights into flowing, quicker-paced vinyasa yoga sequences, all in just 15 minutes a day.

Safely challenge your entire physical body, building strength, endurance, stability, and flexibility, as you allow in powerful “mind training,” or affirmations to counteract limiting beliefs.

This empowering course makes for a total mind-body experience that facilitates moving with greater intention, confidence, and focus — both on and off the mat.  

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Meet Your Teacher - Barry Ennis

A leading fitness trainer on OMFIT, Barry Ennis teaches yoga sculpt, vinyasa yoga, and indoor cycling.

Barry is also co-founder of Fitness Career Mastery, a consulting and educational platform that works with fitness professionals and business owners.