Yoga Stretches for Beginners

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Whether you're brand new to yoga and excited to learn the practice or looking for great stretching techniques to incorporate into any fitness routine to relieve body tension, you're in the right place.

This course is the ultimate for beginners or anyone seeking a strong foundation in yoga flow stretches and poses in a nurturing, confidence-boosting environment.

Yoga is a highly effective and restorative practice for gently building strength, stamina, and relieving muscle tightness. It's also a proven to release mental and physical tension. As millions of yogis around the world already know, yoga has the holistic power to keep your mind, body, and spirit healthy and vital for a lifetime.

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Meet Your Teacher - Nuria Reed

Nuria is a leader in the new generation of yoga teachers, healers, and entrepreneurs. Her strong leadership and in-depth training give her style and skill, both in and out of the yoga studio.

Nuria's mission in life is to alleviate suffering in the world. She quickly realized that the fastest and most direct way to do this was to work on the individual's mind, body and spirit. Combining her love of yoga and meditation with spiritual principles, her own experience and a deep understanding of the true nature of the self, Nuria empowers her students to live authentic and abundant lives.

She earned a Bachelors in Anthropology from UC Berkeley, is a certified Reiki Master and ER500 Yoga Teacher. She has studied with many senior and inspiring teachers.