Dosha Quiz Result - Vata

You're a Vata

Vata is a combination of air and ether. It is dry, light, cold, rough, brittle, moving and always changing. 

Vata is the "king of doshas" and controls all the movement, communication, and transportation in the body. This mean that vata is found in the nervous system, circulatory system, bladder, kidneys, breath, movement of arms and legs, and elimination portion of the digestive system. 

Signs of a balanced vata are showing enthusiasm, alertness, sleeping well, being flexible (both mentally and physically,) and overall good physical movement throughout the body.

I'm A Vata, What Does that Mean?

By understanding your Dosha and creating a lifestyle accordingly you’ll enjoy a healthier, more balanced life. Taking our quiz to learn what your primary Dosha is, is the first step toward creating that lifestyle.

But knowing is only half the battle.

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